Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Suggestion for Bill Callahan

I am a Cornhusker fan living in Big Ten country (Minnesota). This means I am totally out-of-touch when it comes to all matters related to Nebraska Cornhusker football (so please forgive me subscribers to the Omaha World Herald). One thing I know remains true though; Husker football is borderline religion for us fans.

It is currently the 3rd quarter of the biggest game of the year, USC, the #1 team in the nation. The score is 42-10, them. They've scored 5 touchdowns unanswered. It has become pretty clear that our defense is greatly over-matched. They are marching all over us. Our blackshirts look pink.

Surfing through ESPN's college recruting website I immediately checked to see if there is any help in Nebraska's immediate future. Nebraska has received commitments from three out of ESPN's top 150 recruits: Blaine Gibbert (#8) from Missouri, ESPN's #1 ranked QB in the country; Jonas Gray (#89) from Michigan, a running back; and Baker Steinkuhker (#114) from Nebraska, an offensive tackle.

Granted, three players does not a recruiting class make, but, speaking as an outsider, living in Big Ten country, only being able to watch about 3 games a year, I have a suggestion for you Coach Callahan. Instead of focusing your recruiting efforts on legitimizing your hallowed West Coast offense, devote a little time on the defensive side of the ball. Restore the tradition of Grant Wistrom, Trev Alberts, Mike Brown, Mike Rucker, et. al. and let's turn those pinkshirts black again. Until you do this, the top tier programs in the country, like USC, Oklahoma and Texas (both from you own conference) will continue to humiliate our beloved Huskers. Remember Coach, defense wins championships and offense sells tickets...except in Nebraska, where defense sells tickets too.

UPDATE (10-08-07): Those blackshirts look pink right about now. Nebraska was routed this weekend, 41-6 by Mizzou giving up 606 total yards.


Jerrod W said...

Bottom line is when you get beat straight up the gut repeatedly you have a defensive problem. I believe it starts with Cosgrove the D-coordinator. His inability to make adjustments makes me wanna punch him in the head. It is demoralizing to get beat on the ground right up the middle. The Huskers know all about this because it's what we used to do circa 90's Big Red Football. For examples see: Tommie Frazier, Joel Mackovicka, Lawrence Phillips, Cory Schlesinger etc.

The Cook said...

Cosgrove ay? Interesting. How was that Oakland Raiders defense under Bill Callahan anyway?