Wednesday, December 5, 2007

God Is Not a Narcissist

"God came to earth to glorify himself." This is a message I first heard from friends who attended Bethlehem Baptist a few years ago. This church is led be John Piper, an very influential Reformed minister. It was during my formative years at Bethel College, and it rubbed me the wrong way. God became human, sacrificed himself, in order that he would be glorified? Um, where's the unconditional love in that?

Though I never truly accepted that teaching, it left a dent in my faith. Until now. Thank you Ben Witherington.
I suppose we should not be surprised that in a culture and age of narcissism, we would recreate God in our own self-centered image, but it is surprising when we find orthodox Christians, and even careful scholars doing this.
"For God so loved himself?" Is God a Narcissist?

Did Christ Come to Please Himself?

UPDATE (12-05-07): John Piper has posted a response to Ben Witherington's critique. Read it here.

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